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Cycling Without Age is an international non profit organization that provides the elderly with opportunities to remain active in their day to day lives. Volunteers use trishaws to take their elders on a bike ride that they may not have otherwise have been given the chance to take. Elderly citizens are given the chance to tell their story and relive some of the experiences they had earlier in life.

Christian, the young boy in the video shows us just what being selfless means. He understands that giving to others not only provides kindness to others, but a sense of social responsibility within ourselves. As stated on the Cycling Without Age website, “We are all heading on the same path that our grandparents were on. It is an inevitable journey of life.”

“Without age is the principle of how life does not end at a given age, but instead we can embrace what each generation has to offer through something as simple as cycling.”


Video Credit: Mariana Abdalla has a passion in visual arts and her aim is to engage in digital and visual strategic communications.

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