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Dr. Robert Bolding is a man who has always found comfort and joy from music. These days Dr. Bolding can find companionship, love, and joy at an unlikely time in his life thanks to friends and family who surround Dr. Bolding as he journeys through his battle with Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Photojournalist, Karen Pulfer Focht, has been documenting his journey at the request of his family. This story holds so many different levels of kindness, from the friendships and relationships to the joy that music brings Dr. Bolding.

Since his diagnosis, Bob has been surrounded by kindness and love by family and friends. The photos show a quiet Friday night for Bob. Antoinette Rodriguez, a family friend, is playing Bob’s favorite classical tunes as he drifts in and out of a slumber in his hospital room. Shortly before Dr. Bolding’s diagnosis he desired to hold a number of concerts in his home with classical music. He always had a fondness for music. He even knocked down a wall in his home to create a music room. Antoinette also played the cello at Bob’s daughter Kathy’s wedding. Antoinette has since visited Bob at the Memphis VA Medical Center for these concerts quite a few time.

Music can be very beneficial to patients in places like nursing homes, hospice, intensive care and retirement homes.

“[E]verytime I come to see Bob, he is surrounded by love and light and a lifetime of people who know and love him.” says Karen Pulfer Focht in her blog documenting Bob’s journey.

This video is short and simple but conveys the serenity and love encountered by Dr. Bolding and the kindness that is shown to him.

To find out more about Hospice care, visit the National Association for Home Care & Hospice. Information on how you can support research and care for Brain Tumors can also be found on the National Brain Tumor Society website.


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