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Christopher is 9 years old and one of several children help out at a 2014 Thanksgiving Food Drive to support the Connecticut Food Bank an Gemma Moran Food Pantry. This is his fourth year doing so and has been making announcements about the Food Drive every Sunday to let people know of the need.  With other boys and girls from the neighborhood, the Food Drive is a great community partnership started 7 years ago by Fountain-Timmons Realty and Tri-Town Foods, and has grown to include the Niantic Rotary, a local car (mustang) club, and radio station 98.7 FM. At this drive, adults, teens, and children collected over 100 turkeys, 7500 pounds of food, $14,000, and more than 2,000 jars of peanut butter! Wow. The slogan on their shirts? Hunger is Curable.

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