Smile It Forward with Behl Orthodontics

#NiceWork! Dr. Yugal Behl, an orthodontist in Hampton Roads, VA wants all of his patients to have a beautiful spirit and smile. To do so, Dr. Behl recently launched “Smile it Forward,” a creative [...]

“Be a Blessing to Somebody”

Sometimes, you need to go somewhere where everyone knows your name. For many Memphis, TN residents, Manna House is just that place. A colorful safe haven for community members who are down on [...]

Pledge to help

SECOND ANNUAL EASTERN CT WALK AGAINST HUNGER A remarkable moment occurred during the pledge of allegiance before the fundraising walk began. Kids learn from a very young age about supporting [...]


Kindness can be about just spending time with someone.  In this image, Kassow and Inger Marie talk about time, memory and family. That day, he read to Inger a letter from a distant niece from [...]

Thanksgiving Drive in Connecticut

Christopher is 9 years old and one of several children help out at a 2014 Thanksgiving Food Drive to support the Connecticut Food Bank an Gemma Moran Food Pantry. This is his fourth year doing so [...]

Teach Your Children Well

Children learn by watching what others do, particularly their parents.  Here, a little boy watches his father wait and hold the door for an approaching elderly woman.  Bet that he will hold the [...]

Almost at 3 Gallons!

Brenda has donated almost 3 gallons of blood over her lifetime.  Turns out, that’s critical, because someone in the US needs blood about every 2 seconds; about 44,000 pints of blood across [...]