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#NiceWork! When confronted with the devastation of hurricane Maria, Store Rooms Self Storage in Marlborough, MA served as a venue of kindness for those most in need. Locally owned since 1996, Store Rooms Self Storage values service in and out of the community.  

Suffering from the destructive path of hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is left in critical condition. As a response, charitable organizations throughout the world are dedicating their time to relief efforts to fulfill the basic needs of those impacted in the country. One nonprofit organization answering this call is SMILE mass, whose primary mission is to work with surrounding recreational facilities to make day trips and vacations accessible to families with disabled members. Through their work, SMILE mass is providing happy and healthy memories to families living with children or adults with disabilities.

Called to action, SMILE mass and Store Rooms Self Storage partnered with one another to hold a food and water drive in efforts to aid those most in need of kindness within Puerto Rico. When asked what inspired the business to take action along with SMILE mass, Sarah, a representative of Store Rooms Self-Storage, explained to Envision Kindness that it was necessary to take action and assist in any way they could, in order to further contribute to the relief efforts for Puerto Rico.

Donating boxes, tape, plastic bags and their property, Store Rooms Self Storage served as the platform for the massive impact made by SMILE mass. Through several donations, the drive for Puerto Rico resulted in over 120 large wooden pallets being stacked with food and water for the country.  Working with Homeland Security and Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, the donations from the event will be sent to those most in need in Puerto Rico. Aside from this most recent effort, Store Rooms Self Storage has held numerous charitable events over the years, including drives to support Toys 4 Tots and their One Warm Coat. Store Rooms Self Storage provides kindness to those most in need. The business is quick to take action positively impacting the world around them.

To learn more about Store Rooms Self Storage and SMILE mass visit their websites: ; Use your life as a platform for compassion and bring about positive change to those most in need of kindness.

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