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#NiceWork! Amanda Brackett, owner and founder of Southern Connecticut Wine Company in Wallingford, CT, creates some of the most interesting wines on the East Coast (try their blends).  But when you meet Amanda, you’ll notice that she loves more than a good Merlot: she loves people. She’s made her company into a force for social good. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a small-business this active in their community, this generous, and this fun to be around.

A Monterey Peninsula, CA native, Amanda loves making wine. “Making it keeps me creative, correcting faults keeps me learning and innovative, drinking it keeps me social and selling it keeps my husband happy,” she explained (My Record Journal). That passion, combined with an amazing team of all women, is leading this business to success. Southern Connecticut Wine Company is entirely owned and operated by females. They frequently use the hashtag, #girlsmakewinetoo. Amanda´s passion for female empowerment doesn’t end there – she´s a member of the the Killingworth Women’s organization too.

When she isn’t crushing grapes, Amanda is also involved in an enormous number of causes. As her business is growing, so is it’s list of charitable donations. Inspired by her husband, a veteran who was deployed the first year of their marriage in Kuwait, she serves as Chairperson of the Soldiers Box initiative, a program that sends local soldiers care packages while they are deployed. Southern Connecticut Wine Company also offers discounts to veterans, active duty service personnel and first responders.

The winery has given thousands of dollars to charity through donations including barrels of wine, winemaking classes and wine baskets to non-profits including: JDRF, Channel 3 Kids Camp, Make a Wish, Helo Haiti, Killingworth Refugee Resettlement Coalitions, Middletown Cooperative Preschools, and more. Amanda supports causes both in her neighborhood and abroad. If she hears about a group that needs assistance, she’s quick to jump in to help. Those closest to Amanda explain that she donates to so many groups, and so often, that it’s hard to keep track of them all. She’s also known to donate her space free of charge to a number of non-profits.

Want to support Amanda and SoConnWineCo.?  Stop by for a tour! And stay tuned – their online store will be up soon:

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