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#NiceWork! Dr. Yugal Behl, an orthodontist in Hampton Roads, VA wants all of his patients to have a beautiful spirit and smile. To do so, Dr. Behl recently launched “Smile it Forward,” a creative and generous program designed to give kids who do good in their communities a life changing reward: free braces.  

Even after insurance, braces can cost between $3,000 – $7,000.  For most families, any financial assistance helps.  “I want to pay it forward with this initiative and give deserving kids, no matter their financial circumstances, the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that orthodontics can provide,” explained Dr. Behl.

Dr. Behl has been involved with a similar program called Smiles Change Lives. This wonderful organization helps provide braces for young people who cannot otherwise afford them. Inspired by their work and by the transformations he observes in his patients every day, Dr. Behl decided to create a similar program. “One of my favorite things about being an orthodontist is watching the confidence grow from non-existent before braces to beaming after braces,” says Dr. Behl.  

As part of the financial coverage, Behl’s program requires patients to be active members in their schools and communities. Recipients of the award are chosen based on financial need as well as community involvement. Staff reviews patients’ stories and chooses a winner based on a combination of these factors. Because Dr. Behl helps his patients feel confident with their smiles, it’s only natural for him to encourage them to smile it forward. Behl encourages young people to get involved with local nonprofits, food banks, animal shelters, or any other community organization that works to help others. “The stories that are coming in are so heartwarming,” Brittany Graff of Behl’s marketing team explained to Envision Kindness.

Dr. Behl has been involved with the community since the beginning of his first practice back in 2010 after completing his degree at Boston University. He has always been focused on creating a practice that values compassion. Behl Orthodontics continuously donates and sponsors community events, drives, and school functions. In fact, they encourage community members to reach out to them to request sponsorship on their website for causes that are important to them. They’ve been especially involved with helping military families. By getting involved with Military Bridge, the practice was able to give those who have been involved with the military $1,000 off braces this May. Because the promotion was so popular, they extended through June. Today, Dr. Behl has 8 practices in Hampton Roads, from Yorktown to Chesapeake.

We hope Behl Orthodontics continues to grow, helping kids gain confidence and Hampton Roads communities flourish. Dr. Behl and his incredible staff show us that when businesses give back to their communities, everyone benefits. Thank you, Behl Orthodontics for doing such kind work!

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