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The Envision Kindness Select Photographers Program was created for talented and compassionate photographers who have a deep interest in seeing people treat each other better AND be happier. These selected photographers are invited to submit images of kindness, goodness, compassion, and joy to Envision Kindness, with the goal of inspiring kindness around the world. 

What is Envision Kindness? 

Envision Kindness is a non-profit (charitable) organization that promotes kindness, compassion, joy, and love.  We do so through images from around the world that show these acts or emotions. We then share these photos through programs like Enspire to help inspire positive feelings and actions in communities around the world. 

Our research has shown that this is a very effective way to help uplift, inspire, and connect people.

What kind of images should I submit?

  • Only invited photographers are eligible to submit
  • Single photos of kindness, goodness, compassion, and love.  If part of a series, we welcome seeing the series. 
  • Images should:
    • Be at least 3000 Pixels on long dimension at 300 dpi
    • Use Adobe RGB for color space
    • Be JPEG (at max quality) or TIFF file formats up to 10MB file size
  • Submissions should also be accompanied by a short description, describing what is happening in the photo, why this photo relates to kindness, and where the photo was taken. 4-5 sentences at most.  

How often can I submit?

Select Photographers are welcome to submit up to five images of kindness to Envision Kindness for consideration per month. The more images you have accepted, the more you will be able to earn and the more impact you will have!

We will also announce direct calls for content approximately every other month. In those calls, we will ask for certain kinds of images.  If images are submitted in response to these calls, photographers will be awarded an additional $10 honorarium.

If my image is accepted, do I still own my image?

Yes! You retain the copyright to your image and your image still belongs to you. If your image is accepted, you give Envision Kindness non-exclusive license to use your image in our work to promote kindness. Read more about our Terms & Conditions here.   

How will accepted images be used?

We will use these images in our social posts, on our website, and potentially in digital or printed publications, videos, galleries, and through our Enspire program, which streams images into impactful locations to inspire kindness and compassion. By sharing your photos with Envision Kindness, you are helping to spread kindness around the world. 

Will people know the image is mine?

All photographers will be credited for their work, with the distinction of being part of the Select Photographers Program. Our goal is to have the photographers who are part of this mission to be recognized for both their artistic and humanistic contributions.  

Will I be compensated for my image?

In appreciation of photographers sharing high quality work with Envision Kindness, we provide an honorarium for images that we accept. Envision Kindness will also release calls for specific subject matter throughout the year, and if an image is submitted in response to one of those calls and is accepted, the photographer will receive a bonus. 

# of Accepted Images Honorarium Image in response to a call?
1-5 $25 (USD) for each accepted image Add $10 (USD) for each accepted image
6-10 $35 (USD) for each accepted image Add $15 (USD) for each accepted image
11-20 $50 (USD) for each accepted image Add $20 (USD) for each accepted image

Please note only photographers accepted to the program are eligible to submit and that we do not accept all images that are submitted. If an image is not accepted into the Select Photographers program, it may still be submitted for consideration through our open submission process or in our annual contest.

Photographers will need to agree to a nonexclusive licensing agreement with Envision Kindness for each accepted image.  

Is there anything else I should know? 

Photographers participating in this program are part of a bigger effort to elevate kindness, joy, compassion, and love in our communities. Accepted images will be streamed into impactful locations, shared across the internet, and integrated into programming that helps improve the quality of life for people around the world. 

By participating in the Envision Kindness Select Photographer program, you will not only increase visibility and awareness of your work and photography, you will also help to make the world a better place. 

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