Everything You Need to Know: Information, Rules and Terms


(revised April 2023)

We use images to inspire kindness, compassion, joy, and love. That is how we accomplish our mission.

Every day, people are exposed to negative images, stories, and experiences.  These include greed, violence, anger, disaster, and many others.  We know that this exposure is stressful to the viewer—it causes anger, anxiety, depression, and can affect behavior, disconnecting people from one another.

To help counterbalance the negative, we need to be able to provide them with diverse positive images on a regular basis. We know that these images have great power to bring out joy, gratitude, optimism, love, and compassion.

To accomplish this, a large portfolio of moving and inspiring images that include photographs of kindness, compassion, love and connection are needed. That way we can share different images over time to keep people inspired. Photographers from around the world play a critical part in this crowdsourced effort to remind people that we are all human and connected to each other in many different ways.  Society desperately needs all of our help.

The images will be used to further the mission to help people see kindness and do more kindnesses.  All image use will be exclusively for Envision Kindness projects, outreach, and mission building in a non-commercial way.  By non-commercial, we mean that the submitted images will not be sold or licensed to third parties for commercial use (in conjunction with advertising a product or service) without the prior consent of, and further compensation, to the photographer. 

For Envision Kindness, image use may be on Envision’s website, in social media, in displays in specific locations, incorporated into video (in our program EnSpire), or perhaps as an exhibit in promotion of its mission.  EnSpire is used to promote kindness, connection and joy (and decrease stress) in environments like health care. We may also use images for fundraising purposes, such as in a book. As research is an important part of what we do, images may be used for research purposes, such as social science research. Envision Kindness may also allow the use of selected images with promotional partners, who will only use the image for the purpose of promoting kindness in their network in a non-commercial (not for advertising or for purposes of trade) collaborative project with Envision Kindness.  

In all displays, each image will be clearly credited to the photographer using first initial and last name (see sample EnSpire video).  All photographers retain the copyright to and ownership of their images. All photographers will receive an honorarium for each accepted image. The amount of the honorarium will increase as the number of accepted images increases. To see the honorarium list, please look at the EK Select Photographers Webpage for up-to-date amounts. 

We ask for limited, non-exclusive, non-commercial (not for advertising or for purposes of trade) license to use the submitted image through Envision Kindness’ own platforms and media production as described above to promote its mission. By non-exclusive, we mean that while you give us permission to use the image according to the terms set forth below, you still retain the right to license the image to others.

This program is a way to facilitate healing that can be done through the combined artistry and perspectives of many photographers. Envision Kindness cannot do it alone, nor can any single photographer.  If sharing your images as described is not acceptable to you and you choose not to participate, we completely respect that.  That said, we hope that you see how a community effort like this could be transformational for many people, and we hope that the photographers who do choose to participate feel pride in that transformation.


  1. This program is open to select photographers 18 years of age and older.
  2. There is no geographic restriction on the origin of the photographer. However, please note that photographers from a few countries may not be able to receive the honorarium because they are prohibited by US law or the laws of their own country.  
  3. Photographers must submit their own original work and for which they own and retain the copyright.
  4. A submission consists of one photo, in addition to the completed information fields.
  5. Images of kindness can be either as they occurred (documentary style) or as they are conceived of (or recreated) to illustrate concepts or past events.  The submissions are only as limited as the creativity of the photographer.
  6. All submissions must:
    • Be at least 3000 Pixels on long dimension at 300 dpi
    • Use Adobe RGB for color space
    • Be JPEG (at max quality) or TIFF file formats up to 10MB file size
  7. All submissions must be made through the dedicated platform: https://envisionkindness.us.launchpad6.com/ekselectphotographers.  Submissions received outside this platform (via email or other methods) will not be accepted.
  8. All submitted images and associated text (“Content”) must be entirely original with all rights owned by the photographer. Material violating copyright laws will be rejected. If there is more than one creator for a submission, the other co-creators need to be acknowledged and have given permission to the named creator who submits the entry.
    • Photographer must be able to grant Envision Kindness a perpetual non-commercial (not for advertising or for purposes of trade with a third party) non-exclusive license to use the image on Envision Kindness’ own platforms or in media that it produces to promote its mission. 
    • There is no expiration date on the license granted to Envision Kindness for the use of the image by the creator/copyright holder.
  1. Images must be appropriate for all audiences. The content should be universally positive although “negative” content that has clear kindness relevance and results in an uplifting message will also be accepted.
  2. Submissions must be entirely devoid of the following:
    • Nudity/explicit sexual content
    • Excessive violence/aggression/hostility
    • Anything demeaning or otherwise insulting or dehumanizing
    • Some exceptions can be made to the above if the depiction of violence, for example, is in the context of someone helping another or displaying kindness
  3. All submissions will be reviewed by the Envision Kindness staff for adherence with this policy as well as the base standards and specifications described above.
  4. Submissions that do not appear to have anything to do with kindness, compassion, empathy, or love may not be accepted.
  5. Submissions that have been published elsewhere are acceptable as long as there are no restrictions to grant Envision Kindness a license as described in paragraph 8 (above).
  6. Model releases are encouraged when appropriate and possible from any and all individuals captured in their submission having a reasonable expectation of privacy. Copies of a sample model release are available.
  7. All submissions must adhere to all posted rules and terms of participation and be received by the stated deadline to be eligible for consideration for awards or honoraria.
  8. There is no fee for submitting an image for consideration. If a submitted image is not accepted, it will not be used by Envision Kindness.
  9. The payment of the honorarium is governed by the laws of the United States of America.
  10. If an honorarium cannot be awarded directly to a photographer because doing so would violate US law or the law of the photographer’s country, then it can be donated to an international charity in the photographer’s name. Please note: In light of the invasion of Ukraine, we are unable to send funds to Russian or Belarusian citizens. Submissions from Russian and Belarusian photographers will be recognized and credited as usual with first initial and last name for their contributions,  but we are unable to award the associated honoraria to individuals from these nations at this time. We recognize that there are many kind people in those countries as there are in all others. As the world needs much more kindness, we need to find ways to come together, so we welcome everyone’s participation. As it is important to still honor their talent and kindness, any honoraria for photographers from these countries will be awarded to an international charity that promotes peace and tolerance. The charity will be selected by Envision Kindness staff.
  11. All decisions rest solely with Envision Kindness and are final. 


  1. A submission can be made at any time through the designated portal: https://envisionkindness.us.launchpad6.com/ekselectphotographers
  2. Calls for submissions will be done on a regular basis
  3. Photographers will receive a larger honorarium if the submission is in response to a call for specific types of images within the timeline.


  1. All submissions that have been properly submitted will be reviewed by Envision Kindness staff. Once reviewed, and if accepted, the photographer will be notified. The review and acceptance process, in general, will take approximately thirty (30) days.
  2. All acceptance decisions are final.
  3. Envision Kindness may or may not provide feedback at its sole discretion and ability.


Honoraria will be sent to the photographer within sixty (60) days following acceptance. These funds will be disbursed electronically. Honoraria rates are posted on the Envision Kindness website.


By accepting these terms, I, the Photographer, acknowledge and agree that:

  1. I am at least 18 years of age and own the copyright to the photograph submitted to Envision Kindness or have permission of the copyright holder to submit the photograph.
  2. I grant Envision Kindness, Inc., a perpetual non-exclusive license for non-commercial (not for advertising or for purposes of trade) use of the submitted photograph and accompanying text to accomplish its mission. This permission is for use of the photograph by Envision Kindness on or in: 
    • The Envision Kindness website and related websites
    • Circulation via email and similar messaging services
    • Social media; 
    • Display on monitors and other devices through the video program EnSpireTM
    • Envision Kindness publications; 
    • Physical or virtual exhibits as well as Envision Kindness-sponsored events; 
    • Envision Kindness fundraising materials; 
    • Envision Kindness research studies; and 
    • With promotional partners for non-commercial purposes to promote kindness
  3. Envision Kindness will not sell or sub-license my photograph for commercial purposes. All use will be non-commercial as described in statement 2 above and in General Information.   
  4. I warrantee that this image is not licensed to any other organization or person that would preclude granting said non-exclusive license to Envision Kindness. If it is licensed to another organization, I will inform Envision Kindness of that and the nature of the license.
  5. Envision Kindness will credit me, the photographer, for the image in each place that it appears with first initial and last name where feasible.
  6. For each accepted photograph, I will receive a one-time honorarium as the full and final payment for the non-exclusive license to use the image.  
  7. That my participation in this program is entirely voluntary
  8. Envision Kindness retains the sole right to make all decisions regarding the acceptance of a submitted image. Those decisions shall be final.
  9. For US-taxpayers, all US federal, state, and local taxes and any other fees from receiving honoraria are the sole responsibility of the submitting US photographers. Non-US photographers are solely responsible for any tax obligations in their respective countries. 
  10. That there is no expectation of further compensation beyond the one-time honorarium. 
  11. Copyright
    • I, the Photographer, retain the copyright to the image and grant Envision Kindness a perpetual, non-commercial (not for advertising or for purposes of trade), non-exclusive license to use Content as consistent with its mission.
    • Photographer warrants that they are the owner of the copyright to all images and text (“Content”) submitted to Envision Kindness or have permission of the copyright holder to submit the Content and that the Content does not violate any laws or the rights of any individuals or business entities including copyrights, trade secrets, privacy rights, and right to privacy.
  12. Envision Kindness will not sell or sub-license a submitted image to a third party without prior written permission of the photographer/copyright owner
  13. If published, the photograph will be identified (credited) as the work of the photographer (and co-creators, as indicated) using first initial and last name.
  14. Accompanying Information and Model Release
    • I, the Photographer, warrant that the information provided to Envision Kindness is complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge.
    • I, the Photographer, warrant that, when appropriate and possible, I have received model releases from any and all individuals captured in the photograph having a reasonable expectation of privacy (not in a public space). If any person appearing in any photograph is under the age of majority in their state/ province/ territory/country of residence the signature of a parent or legal guardian is required on each release. If no model release has been provided, I, the Photographer, take sole and full responsibility for any disputes or claims that may arise regarding my submission. 
    • Waiver and Release:
      • I recognize that I am participating in this program on a voluntary basis and that Envision Kindness and any of its officers, employees, or agents are not responsible for any liability, injury, or loss that I may incur due to my participation.
      • Should I, as well as any co-creators, breach the terms of this agreement, then I shall indemnify, release and forever discharge and hold harmless Envision Kindness, its agents, officers, directors, employees, associates, successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, and demands, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from my association and engagement with Envision Kindness. The indemnity shall apply to any liabilities and expenses (including attorneys’ fees and costs) or claims that I, the photographer, may have against Envision Kindness with respect to financial cost, bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage or other loss that may result from my engagement with the Envision Kindness Select Photographers Program, including but not limited to the production of Content for Envision Kindness or participation in any Envision Kindness events.
  15. General Terms:
    • If any term or provision of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect and shall be fully enforceable on its remaining terms and conditions.
    • This program is governed by the laws of the State of Connecticut and that all claims involving the content shall be brought in the State of Connecticut, USA.
    • This agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the Agreement between myself and Envision Kindness, Inc. which supersedes any proposal or prior agreement, oral or written, and any other communication between Photographer and Envision Kindness, relating to the subject of this Agreement.
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