Envision Kindness
Photography Contest

Stay tuned for details on the
the 2017 Envision Kindness
Photography Contest!

Program Purpose

  1. To increase awareness of the kindness and compassion around us by capturing still and video images demonstrating these virtues
  2. To educate and inspire the general public through wide sharing of the impactful content generated by the program
  3. To engage student photographers to be an integral part of this transformational program and both recognize and reward them for their efforts

Stay tuned for information on the 2017 contest, which will be bigger, better and even more transformational.  This year’s contest will be open to anyone and everyone–we can’t wait to share all of the details with you! For a little teaser, click here!

2016 Program’s Challenge

For photography and photojournalism students to capture real or staged images and short films of kindness, compassion and empathy through their own unique lens.

  • This program is open to any amateur/student aged 18 years or older, who has taken a photography, photojournalism or film course or workshop in the previous two years. Professionals are not eligible to participate in this contest.
  • Participants may submit up to five (5) total entries within or across the following submission categories:
Documentary Category

Documentary Category

(depict real, observed acts of kindness/compassion)

  • Single images
  • Photo series (set of 3-8 related images)
  • Documentary Film (3-5 minutes in length)

Illustrative (Interpretive) Category

Illustrative (Interpretive) Category

(staged or other representation of kindness/compassion)

  • Single Conceptual Images
  • Photo series (set of 3-8 related images)

  • A single photo, Photo series or video each count as one individual entry.
  • There is a nominal $1 fee per entry to help support the cost of the program

Judging and Awards

This program features two simultaneous judging tracks:

    Public Voting
  • The most popular entry in each subcategory (above) will win a “Popular Choice Award”
  • The top 5 entries in each subcategory (by # of votes) will automatically qualify as finalists in the private judging process
    •  Winning a Popular Choice Award does not prevent a submission from being considered for private judging—individual submissions can earn multiple prizes.
    Private judging
  • Panels consisting of professional photographers and photojournalists will select 10 finalists and then the ultimate winners within each submission category, as above

2016 Program Judges

Dan Beatty

James Dooley

Ed Kashi

Chelsea Matiash

Elaine McMillion Sheldon

Lana Slezic

Julie Winokur

Alissa Everett

Vincent Versace

Nevada Wier

Selection of 2016 Contest Winners

‘The Bird Man’

credit: Mariya Mova

‘Watch Him Grow’

credit: Laura Turner

‘A Sudden Act of Joy’

credit: Felicia Simion


credit: Molly O’Neill

‘Street Kindness’

credit: Eggers S1edge


Prize Doc Single Doc Series Doc Film Illustrative Single Illustrative Series
1st $250 $500 $500 $250 $500
2nd $125 $250 $250 $125 $250
3rd $50 $100 $100 $50 $100
Popular Choice $250 $500 $500 $250 $500

For more information on the 2016 Student Photography and Film Program, please see the contest brochure, and feel free to reach out to us at info(at)envisionkindness.org with any questions.

When students promote kindness, campuses and communities change measurably for the better. Bring Envision Kindness to your school today and watch the kindness spread!

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