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The recognition and promotion of kindness through
the creation of artistic and/or written representations.
Inspire your community and express your artistic side.
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2017 Arts and Letters Program FAQ

If you are interested in entering the 2017 Arts and Letters Program, you’ve come to the right place! Here you can find answers to the questions you may have about entering.

Do both the art and letters submission have to be original?


Do both the art and letters submission have to be original?


Can the arts and letters submissions be created by the same person?

Yes, but they do not have to be.

Can more than two people work in a group?


If there is a quote from someone else on my work of art, does that count as my letters submission?

Quotes from others can be included, but they would have to have accompanying original piece of writing.

What should my theme be?

It is up to you to decide where and how you see kindness, empathy, or compassion.

Here are some themes to get you thinking: sports/activities, self-image, community building, online/social interaction, family, the environment, social justice, animals

Will the quality of digital renderings impact judging?

Yes, check out this resource for tips on photographing your art and this one on common mistakes.

Can Envision Kindness color correct or crop images in order to enhance the overall presentation?


Can I send images of my framed or watermarked work?

No, all submissions must be unframed and watermark- free

How does judging work?

Online Selection of Finalists for Judging:

Finalists are selected based on views, votes, likes, and shares from our contest website (coming soon!). Vote for your favorites once each day. Share with your community through Facebook and Twitter using the connections provided on the site. Submissions earn points based on how many views, votes, likes, and shares they get. Winners will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter sites.

Judges Panel:

Local artists, museum staff, and professors will judge finalist submissions to determine winners in each division.

For rules and details on the Arts and Letters Program, or to register, visit our Arts and Letters Program Page.

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