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Photo of the Week #3: Genuine

Photo and Text by Lloyd Ericson

Genuine kindness begets genuine joy.

“Twas my first time joining an outreach program and after experiencing the overflowing fun and love with the Aeta natives  of Sitio Target in Sapang Bato, Pampanga, Philippines (who were the recipients of the services our team prepared), I believe this will never be my last for sure. Personally witnessing the joy and elation in these young natives’ faces all through that day, plus the warm hugs and kisses they kept on bestowing unto us, made me realize that if everyone in this world will have the genuine heart to serve and share in one way or another, this will completely be a happy world to live in especially for every child of any ethnicity and of any religion across the globe.”

This image was selected as a finalist in our 2017 Our World is Kind photography contest.

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