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Love Yourself Enough. It is a simple enough quote, but holds so much more meaning, especially to those that have attended Camp Otyokwah, in Butler, Ohio.

Camp Otyokwah is an overnight summer camp for children and youth. The premise and vision behind the camp is that children are exposed to so many different messages about who they are and who they should be, with little opportunities to grow as individuals. Camp Otyokwah is about building individuality, friendships and a relationship with God. Here, campers have the opportunity to hear what God’s word says about them.

This photo was taken by photographer Jana Life during staff training week. The moment was captured right after staffer, Beth, had completed a trust fall in which she had to fall backwards off a 5 foot platform into the arms of her fellow staff members. The words on her shirt and the expression on her face say it all; loving yourself enough to trust those around you is a recipe for joy.


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