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Sometimes kindness is not just about being kind to others, but also being kind to ourselves. We often believe that most of our lives are under our control, the reality is that so little of it really is. When unexpected circumstances arise we must be kind to ourselves, be graceful in our acceptance of these circumstances, and breathe life and unconditional love into our journey.

This video submission, by Mariana Abdalla, is a beautiful example of how life may throw you a curve ball, but it is up to you to make the most of it. “Let Go” was filmed in Surf City, North Carolina and is a wonderful documentary of a women, Jean Mendieta, who finds out they are expecting. The film takes us on a journey of acceptance, unconditional love, and freedom. Jean learns to be kind with herself and those around her and accept what life has given her. With kindness beautiful things can be born, like love for one another. As Jean Medieta states, referring to her daughter, “Well, Regina, I’d like to tell you, that when you were born I found unconditional love.” 

“The video makes me think of the role parents, specifically, mothers, have in parenting: it’s not about yourself and what YOU want for your kids: it’s about giving life and love to another human being.” says Mariana Abdalla.

The message speaks to us all. “What are you afraid of? Let go.”

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