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By Zach Shively (posted by D. Fryburg).

On a drive home over eight years ago, a teenager had a very specific thought: “Day 1: Happiness is.. those perfect car rides where the radio just plays all the right songs.”

Elizabeth Buechele, then 17, went to her family’s computer and posted the thought as a status on Facebook. She has posted a status every day since then. Jan. 25, 2020 was her 3,000th day of sharing her joy on her social media.

These posts eventually led to Buechele creating The Smile Project, 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to spreading joy. The organization recently launched an online platform where people can read every day of Happiness by searching a specific date (like a birthday or anniversary), a specific day number, or keywords.

Buechele has managed multiple programs through The Smile Project, such as creating SPARK (Strengthening Positivity and Reinforcing Kindness) clubs in educational institutions to empower other young people to make a difference and connect with their community, a Kindness Road Trip, and other acts of kindness.

You can learn more about Buechele and The Smile Project by visiting their website or following The Smile Project on Facebook or Instagram.

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