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On World Kindness Day 2019, we reached out to the Envision Kindness community and asked them to share stories of kindness, joy, and love. Today, we share Albert’s story from Hyderabad, India. Albert tells the story of overcoming his fear ahead of a hospital visit, through the support of his friends and family.  Thank you Albert for sharing your story with the community! 


I live with thanatophobia, a fear of death. Being hospitalized, or the mere idea of lying in a hospital bed, confined and preparing to undergo a surgery is one of my greatest fears in life. But with the support of my loved ones, this is a fear that I successfully overcame and survived last month. 

I had a giant lipoma in my right arm. It was about 2 pounds of fatty tissue that I kept for four years because of my fear. Thankfully, I recently underwent a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and transformation. I prepared to go into surgery to remove this lipoma. It was a long. It was a long, rigorous process to ready myself from inside out and to have a total surrender to God. And through this work, all my fears were gone.

I owe this strength to my sister, Irene, who sat beside me during that three day confinement in the hospital. She watched over me and took care of me together with her partner, Decsan. They were my support. They had my back. They were my strength when my arm could not be of use.

My dearest best friends Maria and Alain were my drivers, runners, treasurers, secretaries, helpers, auditors and production assistants rain and shine. They made my situation easy and comfortable. They were my watchers during my almost six hour long MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) experience, leaving their families behind. They were there for doctors appointments and hospital visits. 

I’m very grateful for their help, for the kindness and for their unconditional selfless love.

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