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On World Kindness Day 2019, we reached out to the Envision Kindness community and asked them to share stories of kindness, joy, and love. Today, we share Subhash’s story. Subhash tells the story of two beautiful kittens, found on the streets in India. Thank you Subhash for sharing your story with the community! 

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One day when I was coming home by a wayside lane not much in use, I heard a weak voice of ‘meow, meow,’ which,as an animal lover, immediately touched my heart. I looked in that direction and my heart sank. There were two very lovely kittens, hardly one month old and not even able to walk freely. One was black dotted white and the other was black striped. I looked around to try and find their mother, but in vain. 

Knowing these kittens were orphans I lifted them carefully and kept them close to my heart. Surprisingly both of them felt very comfortable and stopped their crying.  I took both to my home, cleaned them with warm water, and fed them a few drops of milk with a dropper. Then, I placed them in a box with warm cloth. 

I watched over them with great satisfaction as they fell deep asleep. I also named them:  Mintu for the white and Kalu for the black. I promised to make every effort to feed them properly and to bring them up nicely. I knew how to care for them, as I always had a cat in my home since childhood, sometimes even five of them at all ages. 

Sadly, at around two months old, Kalu stopped drinking milk. I took him to a vet where he had treatment which lasted for fifteen days, but unfortunately I lost him. This was a great sorrow for me. But time is the remedy for any sorrow. Despite this loss, Mintu nicely adjusted to my care and grew up very well. Now, after more than four years, she is a very beautiful, loving member of our family.

Kindness has a wide meaning. I see kindness when humans and animals come together, seeing each other as other living beings. Mintu’s love towards me is the treasure of my life. We talk to each other, she sleeps on my shoulder putting her leg around my neck with a purr as if saying ‘I LOVE YOU’.

Kindness is not restricted for humans only but it should reach out to other living beings also, which will make this world full of happiness.

Do you have a kindness story to share? We want to hear from you! Share it with us here.

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