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On World Kindness Day 2019, we reached out to the Envision Kindness community and asked them to share stories of kindness, joy, and love. Today, we share Hicham’s story. Hicham’s story takes place in Nador City, Morocco. He captured this image because he felt as if the clouds were smiling at him. 

I am still mesmerized when I remember this story. It almost feels like it was a dream that did not happen. The reality is, it did happen. And I was its champion. 

It was a night during the holy month of Ramadan. This is a time when many people feel spiritually high, a time where people show kindness to the deprived in the spirit of celebration. My situation was no exception. The only difference was that no one saw my act of kindness.

One night when everyone was sleeping, I took my bike out to the street. I took a bag I had packed, containing cookies and juice, and went out riding, delivering the food to homeless people on the streets. 

I never expected that journey would be so successful. It was successful because I found so many people, but because I could see how they were to receive these gifts. 

When my mission ended, I returned home. No one noticed that I was gone. Even my family was still sleeping.

The following morning, I got a holy message from the sky. This is what mesmerizes me about that day. I took a photo of a smiling cloud as proof of that message. I wish I could get one like that again.

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