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Brewed Awakenings is serving community, one cup of coffee at a time. At this warm little coffee shop in Newark, Delaware, people are the focus. The shop is known for hosting residents from all walks of life and making all feel welcome.

As a psychologist, owner and founder J.D. Willetts knows the importance of kindness, conversation, and relationships. When he opened the coffee shop in 2015, he had a strong focus: community. Good coffee is a plus (and trust us, they do have it), but the real focus here is on the friendly space. “…I want to spread the love. I want this to be a place where people are physically, emotionally, spiritually safe,” Willetts said in an interview with Honey Grow

Though you will find Willets at the shop most days, he doesn’t keep a dime of the revenue at Brewed Awakenings. Instead, profit is used to help the community. Willets also tries to be free as much as possible so that he can do what he’s best at: talk. He loves to take the time to sit and chat with customers.

One true example of kindness at Brewed Awakenings is their Community Cup program. For $1.50 and a personalized sticky note, customers have the option to pay it forward and prepay for a coffee for someone in need.  And if someone comes in for a sandwich too? No problem – sticky notes can be redeemed for food too.

Love what Brewed Awakenings is doing but aren’t in Newark, DE? The spirit of community can be spread to your hometown. Ask your local coffee shop what they think about starting a community cup program, or go out and buy someone a coffee today.

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