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It is really hard to imagine that every day around the world millions of people don’t have enough food. Statistics are important but don’t really show the stories of people who need help and the people who are trying to help.  Sometimes, it is best reflected in a single place like the New London Meal Center in New London, CT pictured here.  The New London Meal Center serves more than 73,000 meals in a year and is run by dedicated people with a large roster of volunteers, these organizations are critical to prevent starvation.  For a single meal, about 200 forks, knives, and spoons, lots of cucumbers for the salad, and so much more are needed.  Along with 6-8 happy volunteers (pictured here from Congregation Beth El) working as a team to help the dedicated Center staff.  Beyond the food, however, they provide an easy and natural welcoming to patrons, emphasizing the importance of the human gift of a smile and warm, non-judgmental welcome beyond the nutritional gift to people who are struggling.    Click here to learn more about the New London Meal center or here about hunger in America.

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