A kindness storytelling project.
Through inKind, we’re collecting stories of connection, kindness, joy, and love. These stories are told by real people, recorded in their own voice, and published online so that kindness can spread far and wide!

How does it work?

What we’re looking for:
A brief (<3 min.), true story of kindness from your life, told and recorded by you for the public!
What we’re doing with these stories:
Some stories will be shared widely so that the kindness from your life can create its own ripples of goodness throughout the world! Stories may be shared in many ways! These include but are not limited to sharing in print, via social media, on our website, in email newsletters, etc.
Stories have the greatest chance of being shared and making waves if they are:
On topic: The story is about kindness!
Concise: The story is no more than 3 minutes long.
Personal: The story is told from your perspective.
Transformational: The story describes an impact, influence, change, or effect of kindness.
High quality: The story’s audio and video are crisp and clear. Your face is visible and well-lit. Your voice is audible. The background and setting are neutral – they don’t draw attention away from you or the story you’re telling.

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How do I share my story?

What should I include in my story?

When you record your story, we hope you’ll tell us where and when it took place, who was involved, what the act of kindness was, and how this kindness made people feel (including yourself)!

Who was kind?

What did they do?

Where did this happen?

When did this happen?

What was the impact?

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve included some inspiration for subject matter below!









Kindness can come during times of celebration, during times of devastation, and anywhere in between. We’re collecting all stories that show kindness, no matter the setting or circumstances. What story of kindness will you tell?
Photographer Credits:
Top row from left to right: Laura Silva; Martin Buzora; Mithail Afrige Chowdhury; Fei Song.
Bottom row from left to right: Ramazan Cirakoglu; Julia Yerdelen; Leyla Emektar; Marco Catini.

Why participate in inKind?

So many of us want things to be better. For people to treat each other better, to take care of each other, and live in peace and happiness. To strengthen relationships in families, with friends, and in communities.

inKind is a way for you to contribute, for you to help shape the world and to honor kind acts and kind people. When you share your stories of goodness with us, we will then spread that goodness to others! We know that hearing each others’ stories of care and connection will create a ripple effect of good feelings and good deeds. Like with pay-it-forward, your stories of kindness can inspire others to act similarly.

Experience inKind

Experience the inKind effect for yourself by viewing our example below!

You can spread goodness by sharing a story.

To start a ripple of kindness, submit your own story, or share someone else’s with family and friends!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The "Why" Behind inKind

Q: What is the purpose of inKind?

A: We want to provide positive examples of goodness that can inspire people. inKind’s purpose is to collect these examples in story form and to share them with others, amplifying the positive impact of kindness in people’s lives.


Q: What types of stories are you looking for?

A: Stories are the best way to teach and inspire. To foster goodness, we are using stories. It’s similar to our other media program, EnSpire, which is broadcast into higher stress environments like health care or schools. We are seeking stories that illustrate goodness in our world! We are looking for all sorts of uplifting stories of goodness from your life. We know that kindness is experienced even in moments of great difficulty like people helping others during times of war, hunger, or tragedy. We welcome these stories along with those that are filled with levity. 

Please note: we will not publish stories that criticize others or focus on negativity.

Recording and Submitting

Q: Where do I submit my story?

A: You can submit your story on MemoryFox.


Q: What is the deadline for submitting my story?

A: There are no deadlines. We remain open to what you feel moved to submit. 


Q: What happens after I submit my story?

A: We hope to publish as many of your stories as possible. We may share stories on a variety of platforms including social media, our blog, in future video and print projects, and more!


Q: How long will it take me to share my story?

A: We designed the submission process to be simple and straightforward so that you can focus on telling your story. Aside from the time it takes to write or record your story, the submission process is expected to take no more than five additional minutes.


Q: Do I have to record my voice/face when I tell my story?

A: This is entirely up to you! You may tell your story via text, voice recording, or video recording. We welcome any of these options, and encourage you to include a visual component (i.e. drawing, photograph, or keepsake) with your story if possible.



Q: Do I have to record my voice/face when I tell my story?

A: We are currently only accepting video recordings. 


Q: Do you need my name/age/location or any other personal information?

A: We encourage storytellers to share their first name, last initial, and location so that we can give you proper credit, but nothing is required! If you want to share your full name, of course, that is welcome and adds even more to your story. 


Q: What personal information do you collect? What do you do with personal information? 

A: For your story to be published, you will need to share a valid email address. We will never share this email address with anyone else. We ask that you share your first name and last initial to be published along with your story. You can decide which additional information to share with us (last name, story location, your age, etc.]. If your story is published, we will share just your name and location (if they have been provided) alongside your story. We will NEVER share your personal or contact information with anyone else. Your information belongs to you, not us.


Q: What am I agreeing to by submitting a story?

Consent & Usage Agreements:

  • The rights to your story will always belong to you.
  • Upon submission of your story, you are giving permission for the recording and information provided through the submission process to be used as content by us.
  • We may use your submission media in part or in its entirety.
  • We might edit your submission for brevity or to ensure it is appropriate for a wide audience.
  • If your submission is accepted, you will be notified at the email address you provide.
  • An accepted submission may or may not be published in print, online, 
  • We will never share your email address.

Staying Involved

Q: How can I receive updates about this project?

A: Follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook!


Q: I’m not much of a storyteller. How else can I participate? 

A: Being a storyteller is not the only way to get involved with inKind! By taking in others’ stories and/or sharing them with your network, you can generate your own ripple of kindness!

Contact Us

Q: Who do I reach out to if I have a question or issue?

A: Please write to [email protected].

How Does Kindness Media Differ From Relaxation Media?

Relaxation media is generally characterized by scenes of nature. Forests, sunsets, plants, beaches, etc., all have a very relaxing quality that has been established sometime ago.

Kindness media appears to possess the same feature of relaxation media to help instill a more calm and peaceful feeling. In addition, kindness media does something else: it uplifts or elevates the viewer and promotes happiness, optimism, gratitude, and trust. It also promotes positive interpersonal connection. Beyond self-reports of emotional shifts, the most evident sign of positive interpersonal connection is generosity. Viewers are consistently willing to donate or volunteer after exposure to kindness media.


Let us know if you would like to bring EnSpire to your local health care center or other organization.


We will work with you to integrate this programming into your health care center. We have a turn key solution.


EnSpire can be broadcast to patients and providers in waiting areas, clinic corridors, and patient rooms in hospitals.


Everyone will feel the benefits of increased kindness, happiness, and trust in their lives. Organizations can see the difference it makes.

 Are you interested in learning more about EnSpireTM?

If you would like us to notify you when EnSpire is available for subscription, please sign up here. We look forward to the possibility of bringing kindness, joy, and connection to your work environment.

Please note: we do NOT share email addresses
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