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What I really struggle with, and why we are not kinder to ourselves, each other and the natural world, is because of ignorance – ignorance that means we do not know what is for our well-being, what leads to our flourishing and ignorance that keeps us divided from ourselves so that we do not feel in ourselves the pain we cause another person or sentient being.

Humanity needs stories of our true nature, stories of our connected nature. We are a super-colony of trillions of microbes connected to every other super-colony on the planet and to the planet as a whole, yet we walk around believing that we are somehow separate and therefore able to act as we see fit.

This little video is intended to help someone think and reflect and ponder on all the ways in which we are connected. And not only connected to others, but always ‘home’. The circle with the dot, our ‘home’ is in truth a singularity, connected to every other singularity in a holographic manner (see the Unified Physics of the remarkable Nassim Haramein). And every atom of every being has at its centre this same singularity, holographically making available, if we can listen, all the information of the universe.

Thanks for listening!

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