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Catholic Charities of West Tennessee teamed up with Bishop Martin Holley for their event, Gifts for God’s Children”. Catholic Charities is right on the front lines helping the needy in one of the poorest big cities in our country – Memphis.

For many families the holiday season presents even more of a struggle for families to provide food, gifts, and the very basics of living to their children and family members. Gifts for God’s Children is a wonderful example of how local organizations are coming together to support families who are in need of assistance this holiday season. Bishop Martin Holley and Catholic Charities of West Tennessee gave to those in need by providing toys and food to needy children and families outside Catholic Charities in Memphis.

Memphis is one of the poorest big cities in our nation and Catholic Charities is right on the front lines helping the needy. Families sign up for food and toys prior to the event and drive up and they are given a box of food, including a turkey, and the toys for the age children they requested. Many children are also given the chance to take a photo with Santa for the first time ever.

Bishop Holley, shown wearing black ear muffs, was once one of many children who grew up in a very poor home.

Photojournalist Karen Pulfer Focht remembers Bishop Holley telling a crowd that he could remember waking up on Christmas and knowing that “other people”, strangers as a matter of fact, gave his family toys for Christmas. Even as a little boy, he understood how special this was.
The beauty behind this wonderful gesture does not go unnoticed. There are too many children who wake up on Christmas day without gifts from Santa. If you or anyone you know finds it hard to give a gift during the holiday season, there are many organizations which can make child and/or family’s wish come true.

For more information on similar programs that help others give gifts during the holiday season can be found at Toys for Tots or Compassion International. You can also look for local organizations or churches in your own neighborhood.

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