A Novel Way to Uplift Any Environment

Introducing EnSpire: Armed with a portfolio of thousands of diverse and inspirational images from around the world, Envision Kindness is proud to introduce EnSpire*, a new program to bring this uplifting content to people.  EnSpire is designed to help people better connect with their own innate humanity and with each other. We know that greater joy, love, trust, optimism, and compassion will all follow.

Delivered as a video stream directly into impactful locations, EnSpire combines these potent images with other unique content including kind wisdom, humor & kindness, mindfulness exercises, and concepts in kindness and compassion.  A sample video can be seen below.

Photo by Laura Silva

The Story Behind EnSpire


Our society is changing. Anxiety, depression, suicide, and addiction are all on the rise.  Loneliness is a major problem affecting 50% of people despite being digitally “connected” to so many.  And loneliness is a huge stressor that is associated with much higher death rates.  

The visual diet that we consume, and the reliance on social media to substitute for quality interpersonal connections, are at least partly responsible. 

People deserve to live a higher quality of life. One that is built on finding meaning through positive interpersonal connections.  Achieving connection and meaning yields better mental and physical health and ultimately, genuine, sustainable happiness.  People deserve a chance to attain greater happiness.

Kindness is a path to meaningful connection.  Kindness connects people.  Being kind to someone else conveys the message: “I see you.  You matter.  And we are connected.” 

How can we help reconnect people to their innate humanity and to one another?  Help them rebalance from daily stressors and disconnecting experiences? 

We are wired to respond to kindness, including images of it.  Images of kindness, compassion, and connection potently increase happiness, optimism, love, trust, gratitude, and sympathy.  

That’s why we created EnSpire. To lift people up wherever they are.  To create stronger connections.  And to do it simply, quickly, and regularly.

We’re Starting With Health Care

Did you know that health care providers have high rates of burnout, depression and suicide?

Many of the doctors, nurses, dentists, and others who are dedicated to improving the health of others, are suffering.  Their suffering shows up in high rates of burnout, depression, and suicide that are about double that of the general population.

In addition to affecting them, their suffering is understandably linked to medical errors.  So when providers experience these negative emotions, it affects their patients too.

Patients also have stress that affects them.  They have their own problems and worries that can create new illnesses, worsen existing diseases, or even inhibit them from taking care of themselves.  Patients, like providers, need to be uplifted.

That’s why we chose health care settings to launch EnSpire.


What if we could uplift both providers and patients, promote connection and lower stress?

Health care providers entered the profession because they want to help people.  EnSpire* is designed to provide daily inspiration that stirs their innate humanity and reminds them of the reasons they do this work: because they care about others and want to be of service.

We want patients to benefit from it, too.  And since stress is a major cause of disease, inspiring them similarly can be of benefit.

The video teaches about what EnSpire is and shows some samples of the content we hope to share with the world.  And there’s much more.

Spread the Word


Kind media has the power to elevate and move viewers.

Our research has shown that simply seeing images of kindness can have major, positive effects on viewers, much greater than seeing pretty pictures or landscapes.

Viewers are reminded about the intrinsic beauty and wonder of life, associated with that organization.

Organizations actively show their commitment to kindness and compassion.


Let us know if you would like to bring EnSpire to your local health care center.


We will work with you to integrate this programming into your health care center.


EnSpire will be broadcast to patients and providers in waiting areas and clinic corridors.


Community members will feel the benefits of increased kindness, happiness, and trust in their lives.

 Are you interested in learning more about EnSpire?

If you would like us to notify you when EnSpire is available for subscription, please sign up here. We look forward to the possibility of bringing kindness, joy, and connection to your work environment.

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