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#NiceWork! Connecticut Realtors is a realty trade association based in East Hartford, CT that unites realtors all across the State. They have a long established culture of kindness, a legacy of the incredible life of former Executive Vice President, Harry “Bud” Wenz. A WWII veteran, State Representative, and compassionate human being, Mr. Wenz exemplified kindness.  His friends and colleagues described him as warm, caring, and sincere with a great sense of humor. He truly cared about his impact in the world. Not only was he in the leadership of CAR (Connecticut Association of Realtors), he was also very politically involved. During his time on the General Assembly, Bud originating a bill that raised licensing standards for real estate brokers along with requirements for both prerequisite exams and continued education. Since his passing in 2008, CT realtors have worked to honor his memory. What originally started as the “Good Neighbor Awards” has since transformed into CT REALTORS Random Acts of Kindness Day on September 21st, Bud’s birthday.  It has become an annual event since 2016.

During Random Acts of Kindness Day, members of CT Realtors are encouraged to perform at least one random act of kindness. This year, Lisa Governale of CT Realtors told Envision that, “CTR staff painted ‘kindness rocks’ with uplifting messages.  We distributed the rocks in a little garden at Nevers Road Park in South Windsor with a sign encouraging anyone who needs a little lift to take a rock.” The rock initiative has been hugely successful. Lisa Governale told Envision that “when a CT realtor staff member went the following week to take a walk through the park all of the rocks were gone.”

Along with Kindness Rocks, staff members have posted messages honoring Mr. Wenz and have contributed to CT Realtors Care. The foundation was established by CT Realtors as a way to formalize their philanthropic efforts and respond to natural disasters. Since its foundation in 2009, the nonprofit has donated generously to help those in the community and beyond. Initiatives they have undertaken include “Dog Days of Summer” where members collect items for animal shelters as well as various donation drives to give children in Connecticut’s homeless shelters a Paddington Bear. Most recently, they’ve matched 100% of donations to help hurricane Harvey victims, raising $10,290 and donating a total of $20,290.

Community members and all those aware of CT Realtors Act of Kindness Day are encouraged to live a life promoting kindness. On the CT realtor’s website, there is a list of kindness ideas, facts, and quotes so anyone can become an agent of kindness. “Smile at someone on the street, just because,” number 16 reads. Like a simple smile, CT Realtors spread kindness throughout their community.

To learn more about CT Realtors Random Acts of Kindness Day or if you’re in need of kindness inspiration, visit their website. One kind act can change a life. I challenge you to perform a random act of Kindness right now and share it with Envision. Together, we can show the world how abundant kindness is.

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