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In this video, Anne Marie Gefell, an adult burn survivor, recaps what it was like going through the physical and mental trauma of a burn injury without a support system. Now Anne Marie is the director of youth services with the Finger Lakes Regional Burn Association which puts on a yearly summer camp, called Camp Courage, for young burn survivors. Anne Marie’s kindness and dedication to these young survivors makes it so that they will have a support group throughout their recovery and for the rest of their lives.

Finger Lakes Regional Burn Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to insure that anyone affected by a burn-related injury receives the resources for their road to recovery. They also seek to raise fire and burn prevention awareness. occasionally beyond, regardless of social or economic status.

This film, by Jessica Plance, a student at RIT shows us how Camp Courage can transform not only children impacted by burns, but adults that experienced a burn-related injury earlier in life.

Gefell states, “You have to deal with trauma, or trauma will deal with you.”


For more information on Camp Courage, or to learn more about the impact burn-related injuries can have on a person, visit Finger Lakes Regional Burn Association or the American Burn Association.

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