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This is a photo I took in Novi Sad, Serbia, where I live.  This sight absolutely blew me away. A young boy was approaching the street player and gave him some money. I see adult people sometimes giving donations, I myself do it occasionally, bur children? Not really that often. I especially love the look on the boy’s face that he is giving to the player. This is a simple proof that kindness, humility and tolerance know no age, race, nation, or status. That makes me hopeful and assured that by small acts of kindness every day we can make ourselves happier and meaningful in ours and other people’s lives. I’m grateful that I took a photo like this to remind me of true life values. I’m going to just finish off with a quote from Jill Johnson: “Without the kindness of strangers, where would we be?”

This photo was submitted to Envision Kindness’ Our World Is Kind 2017 Photo Contest.  Text edited for length.

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