Kindness Story #6: The Smile Project

By Zach Shively (posted by D. Fryburg). On a drive home over eight years ago, a teenager had a very specific thought: “Day 1: Happiness is.. those perfect car rides where the radio just plays all [...]

SoK #9: Why does a hug feel so good?

At the times in my life that I had been upset or angry, a good hug was usually a very quick remedy for what was ailing me.  After receiving a warm and genuine embrace from a loved one or friend, [...]

SoK #8: Why do volunteers live longer?

Once a month I volunteer at a meal center to help serve food to people who are in need.  Prepping and serving the dinner is a busy yet fun team activity of 5 to 6 people, organized by two [...]

SoK #7: Want More Dates? Try Kindness

When I was a teenager, the idea that being good looking was key to getting dates suggested that I was going to have difficulty.  Like many, part of this misconception was driven by the stereotype [...]

SoK #6: The Wisdom of Traffic Jams

SoK #6 One of my professors in medical school told us on many occasions that “repetition is the key to success.”  What he meant is that by focused and repeated study of core concepts we would be [...]

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