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Brenda has donated almost 3 gallons of blood over her lifetime.  Turns out, that’s critical, because someone in the US needs blood about every 2 seconds; about 44,000 pints of blood across the country each day.  Since blood doesn’t last long after a donation, regular donations of blood are needed for all of the different blood types.  In Connecticut, where these donors were photographed, 120,000 units of blood are needed each year.

Here are some of the people who donated blood on a typical day.  Brenda, with her husband Don, has been donating regularly every 56 days, the minimum time required between donations.  Why does she do it? Because as a child, she needed a blood donation to save her life and she has been returning the precious gift ever since.  “Almost at 3 gallons!” she boasted.  Don, her husband and ex-military, watched his mother do the same for many years when he was a child.  Danielle and her mom, Nancy, as well as Jackie, decided to just do a kind thing and came to donate in response to a call from the Red Cross.  For more info about blood donations, please look here.

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