Pledge to help

SECOND ANNUAL EASTERN CT WALK AGAINST HUNGER A remarkable moment occurred during the pledge of allegiance before the fundraising walk began. Kids learn from a very young age about supporting [...]


A cool video worth watching.  What we give today can come back tomorrow, or much later.

Shaved Heads

When one high school student was diagnosed with cancer, his friends shaved their heads in solidarity so he wouldn’t be the lone bald student at the prom.

Paying it Forward

One morning, en route to the office on an otherwise regular Monday, I found myself craving coffee. This was unusual because usually morning-me is running on enthusiasm and copious amounts of [...]


Kindness can be about just spending time with someone.  In this image, Kassow and Inger Marie talk about time, memory and family. That day, he read to Inger a letter from a distant niece from [...]

Thanksgiving Drive in Connecticut

Christopher is 9 years old and one of several children help out at a 2014 Thanksgiving Food Drive to support the Connecticut Food Bank an Gemma Moran Food Pantry. This is his fourth year doing so [...]

Does Beauty Make Us Kinder?

Even though I have never met you, I know something very basic about you. It is quite likely that you have had several experiences of beauty during your life. You have looked at a movie or a [...]

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