Applying the science of kindness
To promote health and happiness

Sit in on Professor K's course,
Science of Kindness 101!

Kindness can change the quality of our lives

The science shows us how.

We believe that people need more kindness and less stress in their lives. If you do, keep reading. We will show you a scientifically-backed way to bring kindness, joy, and connection into places of higher stress.


Imagine how increasing kindness can be incredibly beneficial in health care offices or hospitals. Businesses and companies. Schools. Airports. And many other places where people interact and there is tension.


The well-established science behind all of this is that kindness creates meaningful, positive interpersonal connection. Connection reduces stress, promotes resilience, and generates happiness as well as more kindness.


It turns out that simply seeing kindness activates the same neuropsychology that doing kindness brings. It is for this reason that we promote kindness and connection through kindness media. With it will come connection, joy, generosity, and caring. It has relevance to diversity and inclusion and strengthening the fabric of community.


What would a hospital or health care office experience be like with more kindness? How would patients feel? How about the staff? How would employees and customers feel in other workplaces suffused with more kindness and collaboration? Imagine what that could be like. People speaking to each other with kindness. Helping each other. Employees finding more meaning in their workplaces.


To catalyze this different environment, we created EnSpireTM, a portfolio of kindness media proven to inspire and uplift people. We have made it turnkey to bring it into your hospital, practice, workplace, or anywhere else.  Want to learn more? Please check out the EnSpire page. There you will see sample videos and a lot of science.

Our mission is to help bring kindness and goodness into your life. 


In addition to EnSpireTM, we want to show you that kindness is not just a soft and nice thing, but that there is substantial science as to how kindness will positively affect quality of life and how long people may live. Kindness is key to survival; the science shows us how.


To do this, we have created a blog series entitled the Science of Kindness that explains how and why kindness and connection are so important. This blog has also been selected by Psychology Today as an essential read.


And we have also published papers in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, some of which can be found on the EnSpireTM page.


Our other major program is Our World Is Kind, an international kindness photography contest. People can participate or simply watch the images pour in. Each year the contest has garnered more than 2000 images from over 120 countries. The 2023 contest is now open! We will be accepting submissions until September 30th — you can submit your images here.


The first step? Look around. After you see the images and videos (and EnSpire), ask yourself “how do I feel?” Once you do, you will have personal evidence that explains the science. And if you want to relieve stress in any place that people gather, EnSpire may be just what you are looking for.
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What do we want in return? 

Only for you to be happy and spread this goodness to others.

We’re all in this together.

Share your kind stories, videos and images with us and we’ll share them with the world and credit you.

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